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The object of your company’s activity is represented by the biographical services. These imply the gathering of one’s memories – through a number of interviews at home, and their rewrite into a book that will be printed in a few number copies, but sufficient to transmit to the descendants the memories of their forerunners, in a way that will resist the passing of time.

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ABOUT: Memoriae is a small company from Bucharest (Romania), developed through the Junior Achievement “Compay Program”. After developing our business (we had done market research, promoted our “service of products”, participated at a regional fair of JA companies, and so on), we were selected from 465 companies between the 15 finalist teams at the “National Finals” in Romania (on 29th May 2013). Following presentations of every team’s projects, we won the “Best Product/Service of 2013″.

In 14-16 March 2014, we are to participate at the Austrian JUNIOR Trade Fair in Vienna.

Memoriae at Austrian Junior Trade Fair (14-16 March 2014, Vienna) UPDATE! New photos

Echipa MemoriaeBetween 14-16 March 2014, the Memoriae Team (members: Tudor Vişan-Miu, Mihaela Duţă, Mihai Vişan-Miu; coordinator: Mr. Dorin Călin)  went to Vienna representing Romania – as the only team from our country – at the Austrian Junior Trade Fair – 15th edition, with the biographical services (Erinnerungsdienste).

We participated at the fair with a grant received as an award for winning the second prize (“Best product / service”) at the National Final of the Junior Achievement “The Company” programme in Romania, on 29 May 2013.

You can see photos on the Junior Enterprise Austria Facebook page.
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Babushka. Life story of Maria Mitroi, née Covaliov – PDF. format

Cover Maria Mitroi

I think that the memoirs of my grandmother, Maria Mitroi, are interesting in a way that would span outside the coutry for at least four reasons:

-    it tells the story of two Russian families (Pavlov and Covaliov) whose destines were united at Tulcea;

-    it tells the story of a girl born of Russian blood, but Romanian by everything else, who became fatherless in 1942 during World War II;

-    it tells the story of a wife whose husband was imprisonied by the totalitarian Communist regime, with all their properties taken and no money left to take care of her children and mother;

-    finally, it tells the story of a lovely grandmother who is aged today 82;

“Life Story of Radion Chiaburu”

Life Story of Radion Chiaburu – PDF. format

Cover ChiaburuThis book contains the memories of Radion Chiaburu (b. 10 April 1920), from his childhood in Bessarabia to the royal school in the class of Prince Mihai to World War II and the communist period to his old age.

“I think that the memoirs of Mr. Radion Chiaburu are interesting in a way that would span outside the coutry because it shows an amazing destiny, telling the story of a Romanian peasant from Bessarabia who, for his qualities (intelligence and virtue), was selected in the royal class of Prince Heir Mihai of Romania at Bucharest. This moment of his biography strongly affected his ulterior life.

By translating this book we also tried to put Monarchy in a different light for those not having the tradition of Royality*, showing one of its advantages: that the future King is grown and educated to be Monarch.”

* Romania was a Kingdom between 1866 and 1948. The Republic was created by Soviets, the communist regime falling in 1989. Despite Romania remained a republic after 1990, there are some (including us) that consider restoring Royalty would be legitimate and in the benefit of the country.

“Life Story of Mircea Mitroi”

“Life Story of Mircea Mitroi” in PDF format

Cover Mircea Mitroi

“I think that the memoirs of my grandfather, Mircea Mitroi (b. 29 December 1916 – d. 3 January 2012), are interesting in a way that would span outside the coutry for at least four reasons:

  • it tells the story of a Romanian peasant who got, through education, from the village to the city, becoming an accountant;

  • if tells the story of a War veteran who fough againt Nazi Germany (1944-45) in the Tatra mountains and saved a shoe factory from being ransacked by his own battalion;

  • if tells the story of a husband and father imprisoned by the totalitarian Communist regime for no other reason than being against the soviet dictatorship;

  • finally, it tells the story of a lovely grandfather who lived his life if a very balanced way, living 95 years;”

(the Author)

Info video for the biographical service

Regards! I am Tudor Vişan-Miu, president of the Memoriae team, and I will present you the service that we offer – which is


Who it aims? In large, the elder citizens, retired from their professional activity, which have a great deal of spare time inclusively for recalling their past, and which find themselves into a warm, generous family environment. Continue reading